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A Place Called Home

An open refugee camp is only a temporary refuge. Home is where there are people who will look out for us and care about our future life. To some people, the New Horizons Building may seem ordinary, but for those who have called it home, it served as a starting place, a place to begin working towards a new and better life.

Annie’s childhood memories

Do you remember the open Kai Tak Vietnamese refugee camps in 1979?

One of the Vietnamese refugees who lived with her family in that camp was Annie, who used to call our New Horizons Building 'home'.

This summer, we had the privilege of meeting that former refugee, Annie, who remembers the opportunities that were given to her family when she was there as a young child:

"Living in an open camp gave refugees many great opportunities such as jobs and other activities. My family was allowed to find jobs outside the camp to help support our financial needs. As youngsters, we were allowed to go to beaches, parks, and so on."

Annie also fondly remembers our New Horizons Building:

"My childhood memories flashed before my eyes as soon as I stepped into the building. We visited the small area where we had our lunch together, the stairs that we walked up and down every day, and our classrooms. My old teacher Ms. Chow and I couldn't stop talking about how she brought instant noodles and lunches into her old office." "I was glad to learn that the building is still being used to help people in need. However, I felt very said that such a memorable place would soon be history. I truly hope that the local government would reconsider their plans so that people like us would continue to be helped in the future."

Annie now lives in California with her husband, two beautiful sons, and her own flower shop where she has daily opportunities to use her creative skills.

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