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Off to New Horizons

Saying goodbye is one of the most difficult things to do, but it is often necessary when we face a new season in our lives. Gratitude for the past and welcoming the future is how I feel as we move out of our New Horizons building. For over 30 years, it has been Christian Action's home as well as a place that offered a beacon of hope for the people we served. Now that our time here is almost over, I am deeply grateful to God for helping us to fulfil His mission in this amazing building.

Last month, we opened New Horizon's doors to welcome all of our friends, supporters, former colleagues and neighbours to give thanks with us for our beloved building. Among us were honoured guests Ms. Britney Choi, Kwun Tong Assistant District Officer (1); the Hon. Jeremy Tam, the Hon. Wilson Or, Legislative Council Members: Mr. Pun Kwok-wah, JP, Kowloon City District Chairman, Ms. Chan Sheuk-ting, Assistant District Social Welfare Officer, and Julian Walsh, together with Tim Smith and Vincent Lam, our ever-supportive CA Board Members. These special guests made our event memorable and helped me usher in a new chapter in Christian Action's story.

In my speech, I described my time at Christian Action as a rollercoaster ride. We have had tons of joyous moments but also faced many tough challenges. With limited funds, we renovated NHB one floor at a time. The memories are as clear as if they happened yesterday. Ms. Britney Choi and the Hon. Jeremy Tam also gave inspiring speeches, assuring us of their confidence that Christian Action would continue our mission at the new site.

Guests enjoyed the photo exhibition that portrayed our rich history. It was a wonderful opportunity to revisit our memories. We had even held a carnival to help our new neighbours in Choi Wan familiarise themselves with our services.

New Horizons Building will always have a special place in my heart. During our 34 years here, God has guided Christian Action as we have obediently served others. Our time in this building is a testimony of our growth and the blessing of serving the unserved.

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