Sharing the Vision at Qinghai

For years, Christian Action has invited influencers from other countries to visit Qinghai and see our work. This year, Marlon and I were truly blessed by the visit of pastors and leaders from churches in Malaysia and Hong Kong. They had taken time off to come and see the vision of our ministry and give us their feedback.

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Summer Fun

I have previously told you about the exciting summer camps Christian Action has planned for our children in Qinghai. Well, the fun does not stop there! Here in Hong Kong, our ministry coordination team has planned several challenging activities for the youth we serve. We want to make their summer vacation enjoyable, but more importantly, we want them to discover their hidden talents and potential.

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Provoking Potential in Summer

Children worldwide look forward to summer. It means the end of the school term. The children in Qinghai are no different. This year we organised two summer camps – one for our children from the Homes, and one for the recipients of our Education Grants. The holiday camps are filled with thought-provoking activities and engaging workshops that are designed to explore and develop the children's potential.

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Reaching Out to Students

Children hold a special place in my heart. Whenever I see our children helping those in need, it encourages me to continue fighting for our own advocacy. Our colleagues are inspired when they see children lead in helping others. One of the students said loudly, "I want to buy a house for the poor!"

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The Fitness Coach

Christian Action has been in the business of bettering the lives of others, especially those we serve in Qinghai. One of the many ways we help those in China is through the Education Grant Programme launched in 2008. The programme helps students break the poverty cycle, by providing financial aid, so that they may continue their studies and receive a quality education.

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