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Touring History

Many long-term residents of Hong Kong know very little of our history other than the fact that it was once part of the British Empire. To give some of our poorest residents and new arrivals the opportunity to learn more than that we took them on a tour!

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Under Our Shelter

For thousands of people of many nationalities who are forced to flee their own home-lands for a range of reasons, Hong Kong is known to be a place where they will find shelter.

Capturing that history of care, and telling that story without words, is what we did recently by holding a photographic exhibition titled "Under our Shelter".

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Thought for the Week

For many years, I have been a proud contributor on Radio Television Hong Kong's "Thought for the Week" radio programme. Recently, I had the joy and privilege of speaking on air again, and was pleased to hear the episode last Sunday.

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Putting on a Bash!

The Mid-Autumn festival on the Chinese calendar is a time for celebrating! It's a time for families to come together, have a feast, and generally enjoy having fun together.

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Achieving Together

Learning how to work together to achieve the best results is a lesson we may have all learned in the course of our lives. Encouraging young people to achieve together is one of the many contributions Christian Action makes to our society. Our Child Development Fund helps disadvantaged youth learn the necessary skills they will need to succeed in life and not be a burden on society.

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