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A Blessed Partnership

For many years, it has been an honour to partner with the Home Affairs Department as we serve the community in Kwun Tong District. On August 29th, we had the privilege of welcoming some of Kwun Tong's District Officers to our New Horizons Building (NHB). It was a brief but impactful time for us all!

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Happily Ever After

That's what I hope and pray for following the wedding of one the children raised and grew up in the Xining's Children Home and Social Welfare Institute. Jenny was with us for over 20 years, now she will live with her loving husband.

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Introducing HK to Newcomers

Giving time is just as important as giving money to various charities. At Christian Action we couldn't do without the wonderful service given by many volunteers – especially during the Summer holidays.

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Forging Family Bonds

In our busy society, we easily forget that it's important for the whole family to have an outing together, and at the same time get to know other families they meet. For newcomers to our city, this is even more important, so we're doing something about it!

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Let's Climb!

We began hosting a community event on July 22, sponsored by Kwun Tong District Council.

We wanted to bring families together to climb a wall at our place - New Horizons Building! There's a lot to gain by putting down all the electronic devices and enjoying a challenging time with the whole family.

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