Sheila's Visit

It has been 20 years since Christian Action began cooperating with the Xining Civil Affairs Bureau to co-manage Xining Children's Home. Since then, we've gladly worked together with the Qinghai local government to manage five homes, giving children around the province love, hope, and future opportunity.

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CA Blessing Story Series: Helping Young Dreams Come True

Our Christian Action youth journey began in 1999 with the start of our Youth Pre-employment Training Programme. In 2009, it was renamed Youth Employment Training Programme. It has enabled over 10,900 young people to enter the workplace, not only with the necessary skills, but also with the confidence they needed to thrive in the marketplace. The programme has continued to grow: First, the Child Development Fund and then the Mentor Mentee Programme.

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A Thanksgiving Reflection

Thanksgiving Day, celebrated in November, is one of my favourite holidays. Season of Love, from November to January, is our annual charity drive. Proceeds from the drive benefit low-income children in Hong Kong and orphans and disabled kids in Qinghai. These charity drives play such an important role in making a difference in the lives of these children. I'd like to share the story of just one of them: Kangkang.

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God's Abundant Grace

How time flies! Christian Action has been serving abandoned and disabled children in Qinghai for more than 20 years! What started as a dream to save one child has grown into Qinghai's first registered overseas NGO - a programme that now co-manages five children's homes with the local government. Every year, we have a vision-sharing luncheon at which we celebrate God's grace. This year, we invited our network of pastors, supporters, adopted children and their families to celebrate with us.

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Thought for the Week - Pay it Forward

This is the 17th year that I have participated in RTHK's radio programme Thought for the Week. It has always been an honour to share on this Christian programme and encourage others in their walk with Christ.

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