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What's beyond the Horizon?

As you know, Christian Action's home in New Horizons Building, Choi Hung, was last year slated for demolition and the land allocated to public housing and a school - despite the fact that there are several empty schools in the area. We are now in a serious predicament.

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You're Invited

Friends, I have some news that will definitely entertain you! On the evening of September 9, Christian Action's 30th Anniversary Charity Night will showcase Teresa - The Musical 鄧麗君 - 音樂劇, and you're invited!

The musical, which has received international acclaim after performances in Canada and London, highlights the life of Teresa Teng, the late 70's and 80's pop singer whose talent made her famous - and adored by Chinese fans around the world! Directed by the renowned Ko Chi Sum, the musical stars the remarkable actress, Perry Chiu, as Teresa.

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Blessings All Around!

Pan Xue Yan was brought into our Children's Home in Xining with partially formed ears. Like the other sweet little ones who have come into our care, she made the long journey from Xining to Hong Kong to receive quality medical care.

During her six week stay, she was fostered by Seth and Christina Kim, who pastor the Harvest Mission Community Church in Hung Hom. Christina wrote the following letter about her time as Pan Xue Yan's foster mum.

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Blossoming Women

Our floriculture students are blossoming!

Have you ever planted a seed and watched it grow? When the first green shoot appears it's an incredible marvel - a miracle that such a small seed will provide all that's needed to produce a new life. I like to think of our work at Christian Action as planting a different kind of seed which also has the potential to grow and flourish into something beautiful.

Over the last eight weeks, we've witnessed just such a beautiful thing.

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Aiming for Gold!

Even as a child, Yin Yin had a deep love of sport. The question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" always got the answer, "A professional athlete."

She enjoyed all sports, but cycling became her first love. With her parent's encouragement, Yin Yin pursued her dream, eventually joining The Cycling Association of Hong Kong to train. But she soon hit a roadblock.

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