Standing with Refugees

June 20th is a very special day as we commemorate World Refugee Day. I join my colleagues from the Centre of Refugees (CFR) in honouring the strength, courage, and perseverance of refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. Their stories of braving the odds in search of a better life have been a source of inspiration to people across the globe, especially to us at Christian Action.

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Giving Love to Every Home

Giving is a powerful action, especially when it comes from children. I am always encouraged when I see the younger generation joining our mission of giving love and hope to those who are in need.

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Beautiful Meili!

About a year ago I went to the US with Marlon. I vividly remember two reunions in DC and LA as if they happened yesterday. I will always treasure my memories of children who were once in our care, now grown up and happily living with their loving families. Actually, we had a third reunion during our stay.

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The Way To Serve

In a society where people in need are all around us, it is my belief that our duty and responsibility is to help each other whenever we can, because we are all children of God. For some of us who want to do this, we might find ourselves not knowing where to start. There are actually a multitude of ways to get started!

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Marlon and the Triumph over Cancer

For over 15 years I have been participating in RTHK's Thought for the Week radio programme. It has been a good opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences about our work, because I want to inspire others to serve Christ. It has indeed been a huge blessing to me and hopefully to some of the listeners too. It's exciting that Marlon, my ever-loving and supportive husband, was recently given the same opportunity to bless others with his amazing journey with the Lord.

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