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Save Our Home

For over 30 years the New Horizons Building in Kowloon East has served tens of thousands of people in this area. Now our home and main service and training centre is listed for demolition under the government's redevelopment plan.

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Treacherous Terrain

Last year, I shared the good news that we dedicated a new medical bus for Qinghai Charity Hospital. It was donated by Christian Action Asia board member, Dr. Victor Lui. Access to the bus is saving countless lives, but it's the men and women who staff the medical team and care for rural residents of Qinghai that are true heroes.

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Peace in The New Year

Celebrating the holidays together in the UK

New Year greetings from the United Kingdom!

There's always a deep churning of emotions surrounding the year's end and the birth of another new beginning. Some look forward to the new year with great anticipation, giving 2016 a big "sayonara"! Others are a bit more apprehensive, unsure of where 2017 may lead.

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Home for Christmas!

As many of you get together with family and friends, I'd like to highlight a group who, in spite of being thousands of miles away from their loved ones, find themselves "at home" this Christmas.

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Waiting Expectantly!

On the Christian calendar, this is the season of Advent - a time of waiting; of anticipating and then celebrating the birth of Jesus. For us at Christian Action it is also a time of waiting… awaiting news of our future location.

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