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A Place Called Home

An open refugee camp is only a temporary refuge. Home is where there are people who will look out for us and care about our future life. To some people, the New Horizons Building may seem ordinary, but for those who have called it home, it served as a starting place, a place to begin working towards a new and better life.

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Flying the Flag

What have cats and stickers got to do with giving hope to various marginalized communities in Hong Kong?

The answer is Mango Naoko, this year's Caring Artist. Mango is a Japanese illustrator who has always had a love for cats. Throughout her childhood, she remembers feeding, visiting with, and taking stray cats to receive medical attention. The more she cared for these stray cats, the more they became a part of her family.

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'Gospel' To The Patients

Song Fangji had a cleft lip and palate, and was recently referred by the Qinghai Social Welfare Association to the Cornerstone and Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital (QWCH) for medical treatment. We began coordinating with Cornerstone in 2015. Following his successful surgery, Fangji expressed his gratitude in a letter, part of which is included here.

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Youth - Not A Problem!

With a little help from us (you and me) a young person can have hope and a goal for the future. Christian Action has participated in the Child Development Fund (CDF) project which was first launched by the Labour and Welfare Bureau in 2008. We do it with a view to nurturing talents and helping teenagers unleash their full potential.

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Enjoying our UniqueVarSity!

There was much enjoyment in May when we held a variety show called UniqueVarSity with 200 participants. As the name of the show indicates, it displayed the uniqueness, variety and diversity of the city's residents.

Our SHINE Centre for Ethnic Minorities (EM), in collaboration with the Ambassador Scheme for EM Youth (Urban), organized the whole show. It included fascinating performances, fusion music, Indian dance, Chinese musical instruments, and even a fashion show for the elderly.

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