A Thanksgiving Reflection

Thanksgiving Day, celebrated in November, is one of my favourite holidays. Season of Love, from November to January, is our annual charity drive. Proceeds from the drive benefit low-income children in Hong Kong and orphans and disabled kids in Qinghai. These charity drives play such an important role in making a difference in the lives of these children. I'd like to share the story of just one of them: Kangkang.

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God's Abundant Grace

How time flies! Christian Action has been serving abandoned and disabled children in Qinghai for more than 20 years! What started as a dream to save one child has grown into Qinghai's first registered overseas NGO - a programme that now co-manages five children's homes with the local government. Every year, we have a vision-sharing luncheon at which we celebrate God's grace. This year, we invited our network of pastors, supporters, adopted children and their families to celebrate with us.

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Thought for the Week - Pay it Forward

This is the 17th year that I have participated in RTHK's radio programme Thought for the Week. It has always been an honour to share on this Christian programme and encourage others in their walk with Christ.

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Blessing Story Series: Chasing Light - Ah Yue's Journey

When low-income families arrive in Hong Kong, Christian Action is one of the few non-government organisations that specifically gears services and programmes towards their needs. These families often face many struggles. We first opened our arms to these families in 1996. Since then, it has been a real blessing to serve them. Our programmes, such as after school care, has meant caring for other vulnerable people such as local children with special needs.

Ah Yue shared her story as a way to raise awareness of the struggles that newcomers face. May we be moved by compassion and continue to better serve our neighbours.

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An Admirable Family

Since joining Christian Action in 1987, I have been on a journey to faithfully serve the vulnerable in our society. The amazing thing is that we are often encouraged by their positive outlook on life. One of them is Chau Shui-heng at our Mong Kok Service Centre. We recommended her along with her family to participate in Hong Kong Great Family 2018, a contest organised by numerous local associations and corporations.

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