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Season of Love

Since 2012, countless children have benefited from one of our largest fundraising campaigns: 'Season of Love' charity drive.

With Christmas festivities right around the corner, what better way to share with your loved ones than with a snack that gives back?

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Eric's Return

Look who’s back! Our beloved Eric (Zhou Zhi Li) is no stranger to many of you. We shared earlier this year about the two surgeries Eric underwent to correct his legs giving him the ability to walk on his own. The surgery was successful, but he has returned to Hong Kong to receive post-op rehabilitation to strengthen his legs and further his independent mobility.

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Thought for the Week

Last week, I joined Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) on "Thought for the Week". For 15 years now, I've always felt so prepared, but I was pressed for time this year. Thankfully it was a topic very dear to my heart, and I managed to get all in one take! I was honoured to speak about Ray and the plight of refugees in our city. I encourage you to listen here or read the summary of my message below.

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Children are the Future

"Every child, including the poorest, should be given opportunities to learn, explore and enjoy. Childhood memories are treasured throughout our lives and our aim is to give children happy memories." Those are the words of Rotary Club President, Mr. Admund Au Chi Hoe.

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Buses Save Lives!

Jun is a grassroots farmer in a remote region of the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai. He works long, hard hours in frigid weather to provide for his wife, child and extended family. When Jun fell ill during harvest season last August, he needed urgent medical care. Thankfully a call was made by the local authorities to Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital and their medical bus began the journey over treacherous terrain.

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