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As you may know from my previous post, Christian Action is now facing possibly one of the biggest tests we have ever experienced.

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Impacting Young People

Every time I look at students around me, I see unlimited opportunities for them. In April, I was invited for an interview with a number of seventh-grade students from International Christian School (ICS), to share with them my career vision and the work of Christian Action for orphans in China and the underprivileged in Hong Kong. The interview was lined up by ICS teacher, Shannon who was also the adoptive father of Qun, a former child of our Children's Home in Qinghai.

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An 'Edutaining' Day!

The cost of visiting Ocean Park and Disneyland is beyond the reach of those who work for very little money or who suffer some kind of disability.

Happily, Christian Action has been part of a charity initiative to sponsor members of low-income families of all ages to enjoy an 'edutaining' day-out at Ocean Park. 'Edutaining' is a term coined to mean education+entertaining.

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Back to Serve

What a joy it is to see those who were once children in our Children's Home in Qinghai come back as adults to visit us!

It's even better when they return to serve - it completes the full cycle of saving, healing and serving.

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Food for All

There is more than enough food for everyone in Hong Kong, but the stark fact is that poverty and rising food prices mean that some residents here just cannot afford it. This is ironic for Hong Kong where property prices are always top of the world's ranking list!

Recently Christian Action started an initiative to help feed the poor, at least in our part of the city.

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