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Football and World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day on June 20 is a day on which we celebrate some of the strongest people I have ever met! Hong Kong is now 'home' to those who have been forced to leave their own homelands. We are now celebrating the recent victory of one of our social workers in our Centre for Refugees, Jeffery Andrews, the first Ethnic Minority social worker in Hong Kong.

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The Love of Family

The greatest gift to a child in our Qinghai Children's Homes is adoption. We are always deeply thankful when a child is adopted because we know that the love of a family has the potential to influence a child's life forever.

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Serve Your Neighbours through CA Friends

Friends of Christian Action Donation Programme is a new campaign which has just been launched by our fundraising team. CA's social and humanitarian services in Hong Kong and Qinghai need regular and ongoing support, so the campaign is encouraging regular monthly donations. This committed support will build stronger support for our essential programmes.

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Empowering Women and Saving Lives

Did you know that one of the leading causes of cancer deaths for women in Hong Kong is cervical cancer, yet it is highly preventable. Recently, Christian Action collaborated with Project Teal, a pilot programme whose mission is to lower the incidence of cervical cancer by raising awareness of screening and providing co-testing in under-served communities.

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Remember Xixi?

On 4 April, 2018, we celebrated International Children's Day. Much of Christian Action's work focuses on children, so this holiday is close to my heart. We don't always get to see immediate change in work like this, but when we do see it, we are very glad to celebrate!

Remember Xixi? She was born in 2013 and raised in Xining Children's Home. Here's an update on where and how she is today.

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