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Children are the Future

"Every child, including the poorest, should be given opportunities to learn, explore and enjoy. Childhood memories are treasured throughout our lives and our aim is to give children happy memories." Those are the words of Rotary Club President, Mr. Admund Au Chi Hoe.

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Buses Save Lives!

Jun is a grassroots farmer in a remote region of the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai. He works long, hard hours in frigid weather to provide for his wife, child and extended family. When Jun fell ill during harvest season last August, he needed urgent medical care. Thankfully a call was made by the local authorities to Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital and their medical bus began the journey over treacherous terrain.

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Operation: Now!

The vast majority of almost 6,000,000 people live in utter poverty in Qinghai. They live without adequate services and have little access to basic needs. How others can advocate on our behalf as we serve these unfortunate people was the focus of our recent vision sharing dinner.

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An Unexpected Reward

Siva, a former refugee in Hong Kong who was cared for by Christian Action's Centre For Refugees (CFR) was resettled in 2014. In May 2016, our CFR staff member Jeffrey Andrews met up with Siva in the U.S. I want to share his visit in Jeffrey's own words.

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Generation Green

Young people today face completely different challenges to those of my teenage years. I never had to be concerned about global warming - it was almost a foreign idea.

Today I not only know about it, I can actively do something about it!

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