Greening Lives to Empower Those in Need

It has been our mission at Christian Action to constantly innovate and explore ways to better serve all those who are in need. Now that World Environment Day is right around the corner, I am reminded of our efforts for a better environment. At the same time, we must also double our efforts to help those around us who are in need. I am reminded of the vision my Christian friend had of me. In her vision, I was standing in a warehouse full of boxes. That was the confirmation I needed that the clothes we don’t use anymore can help others in the community.

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A Success Story

Alex (middle) is one of the first few cohorts of the Employability Programme of CFR

Refugees are one of the groups of people that have inspired my work in Christian Action. They face a multitude of challenges every day, and their responses should be an inspiration to all of us. Our involvement in the plight of the Vietnamese refugees became the foundation of all our programmes. They range across different groups of people in need in Hong Kong and China. It is so rewarding and affirming whenever I hear stories of their success.

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Update from the Goedeken Family

One of the most fulfilling things about my job is when we send our kids off to their forever homes. It's very heartening when I get in touch with them and hear wonderful stories of their new lives. To know that our children are growing under the care of very loving people reminds me of how loving our God is.

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Celebrating Years of Supporting Children & Youths

Since 2008, Christian Action has been implementing the Child Development Fund Programme (CDF) under the Labour and Welfare Bureau, to empower children and youth. During those years, beginning with the Mentoring Programme, done with the support of the Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor (HKCNP), the lives of many children and teenagers have improved.

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Celebrating Mother's Day

On Sunday, we will be celebrating Mother's Day! Being a Mum is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs! Mums are usually models of selflessness as they often put the needs of a child before their own. Watching our children grow into responsible and mature adults is one of the most satisfying gifts a mother could ask for. That was why it was so rewarding to see my son, Danial, graduated from the University of British Columbia last year. Seeing him now giving back to the community as a responsible young adult, makes me even more confident that motherhood is usually a worthwhile journey.

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