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Giving Out Lai See

Every year, I have the privilege of giving lai see packets to staff at our New Horizons headquarters. I also visit our Christian Action centres to meet with our hardworking teams and have fellowship with them.

This year we went to the Sheung Shui Centre, the Community Sales Outlet in Tin Shui Wai station, and the Tsuen Wan Centre. I was very encouraged by the staff in all three places. It was the perfect time to get to know each centre's needs in order to plan for the year ahead.

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A Healing Journey

We recently shared the news of four children in Qinghai who we have been privileged to serve on their individual journeys towards healing. Xiao Rang, a twelve-year-old Tibetan girl, was one of the four. Christian Action was recently presented with a beautiful 'thank you' plaque from her family, so we want to share with you more of her story.

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Walker & Soccer Combination

On two Sundays this month, we got to share the global love of soccer with 24 children from low-income and ethnic minority families. We took them to training sessions organised by Chelsea FC Soccer School (HK), our 3-Legged Charity Walk Caring Coach. In addition to two coaches, former football star and Chief Operating Officer of the school Leslie Santos came to offer support and encouragement to our young athletes.

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The Arrows Go Public!

When I was being prayed for at a conference in 2016, there was the image of a quiver of arrows at my side. I shot each arrow in a different direction. Then I collected all those arrows and shot them, all together, in one direction. I immediately knew what that meant.

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Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is almost here and celebrations are in full swing! We will be celebrating with over 1.4 billion people scattered all over the world. It's an important holiday because it gives families an opportunity to connect with one another, celebrate together, eat many delicious foods, and bless young people with lucky money, also known as lai see!

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