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Carnival Time!

We hosted our very first Chinese New Year Carnival and Open Day this year to celebrate the Year of the Rooster!

I was ecstatic to see over 1,100 visitors arriving at our New Horizons Building.

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Thank You!

Chinese New Year brings in a festive month of events, not only in Hong Kong, but also around the world. The Year of the Rooster, which kicked off on 28 January 2017, was celebrated in Asian communities worldwide. While people were marking the occasion with an array of activities and events, I felt particularly warmed when I received greetings from children that CA had helped in the past.

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Speaking of the Past...

Since I started having this blog site in 2009, I have told you many stories about the abandoned children who have been helped in our Qinghai Children's Home.

One of those stories was about Eric, a child who had cerebral palsy...

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From Helpless to Professional

Fifteen years ago, Dada felt extremely helpless when she first arrived in our Fragrant Harbour with her little son. Like most of the other New Arrivals from China, she had been trained well in China, but employers in Hong Kong did not recognize her qualifications. Getting a job was very difficult.

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Connecting the Called

Our work in Qinghai has continued to expand, and so has the demand for quality professionals to staff our programmes. Additionally, we pray for generous hearts to support the work on the frontlines. We have always welcomed highly skilled people to utilize their expertise for the benefit of the most vulnerable.

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