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A Colourful Career Camp

Many people in our community struggle to find jobs, so it is the mission of the Integrated Employment Assistance Programme for Self-Reliance (IEAPS), to offer help. It's important to help empower those in need so that they can have a successful career. The beneficiaries of IEAPS are recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, and many of the people who receive help are single parents. Without help, it would be hard for them to become self-reliant.

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Hope for Refugees on World Humanitarian Day

Every year, World Humanitarian Day is celebrated on 19th August. Christian Action has taken a major stride towards providing better rights for the refugee community - one of Hong Kong's most vulnerable communities.

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An Update from the Dye Family

As you know, I recently returned from a fruitful trip to the US and was blessed to have not one, but two reunions with some of our children from Xining. The time spent with them and their loving families was precious, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next reunion.

One of the families we saw in Washington DC were the Dyes and their beautiful daughter Smiley Kylie.

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Transforming Vision

I always cherish the opportunities to spend time among young people, so a recent opportunity to speak to some of the best and brightest youth was wonderful. Many of these young people were from countries represented in China's newest Belt and Road Initiative at The Global Youth Leaders Summit 2018 hosted at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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Camping at New Horizons!

One of the best things about our New Horizons Building is the space it provides. We recently hosted a total of 30 new arrival families and close to 60-70 people! It was the PLK Madam Chan Wai Chau Memorial School Family Day Camp, and it was packed with fun activities for everyone.

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