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Youth - Not A Problem!

With a little help from us (you and me) a young person can have hope and a goal for the future. Christian Action has participated in the Child Development Fund (CDF) project which was first launched by the Labour and Welfare Bureau in 2008. We do it with a view to nurturing talents and helping teenagers unleash their full potential.

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Enjoying our UniqueVarSity!

There was much enjoyment in May when we held a variety show called UniqueVarSity with 200 participants. As the name of the show indicates, it displayed the uniqueness, variety and diversity of the city's residents.

Our SHINE Centre for Ethnic Minorities (EM), in collaboration with the Ambassador Scheme for EM Youth (Urban), organized the whole show. It included fascinating performances, fusion music, Indian dance, Chinese musical instruments, and even a fashion show for the elderly.

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Contributing Citizens

It's almost miraculous when a child in our children's homes grows up to be a contributing citizen, yet that is what is happening with many of our children.

In June one of our board members, Mrs. Drina Yue, visited Qinghai with a few friends and family members, to see their sponsored children and take a look at the results of the funding initiatives she has been generously supporting. Here are a few of her comments following their visit:

We met with a number of our sponsored university graduates. It was very pleasing to see how these children have grown, got educated, become mature, confident, and are now contributing citizens. Some are teachers in their home towns, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, accountants, government officers, while others choose to continue in graduate schools... on and on. We can see more than hope in their eyes. They kept saying thank you, that without the scholarship, they wouldn't even dream of attending universities. We told them that it is them who made the difference. They taught us far more than what we gave them. Indeed, there is more pleasure in giving than receiving.

We also met and chatted with 15 university students in the Program. They are full of energy, joy, ideas, hopes, and are so determined to succeed. Being proud of them is an understatement! After the meeting, I told myself, I don't need name brand handbags, clothes or jewelries. A handbag can support a few of these budding youngsters through college. It is not only that their lives are changed for the better, it is also their families, the entire village children because they look up to these "college graduates" as role models.

We then came to the Hainan Children's Home, a sweet big family! A group of 20 volunteers from a Singapore university was there teaching them English and IT. Clara Yue and family from Singapore were teaching art. Seeing the kids fully engaged, trying hard to converse in English, drawing "stuff", having fun, was indeed gratifying. Leaving them to come back to Hong Kong was heartbreaking.

I want to thank Christian Action, especially the Qinghai staff, for organizing this trip and their relentless and superb support over the years. The experience was memorable. Thank you!

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Shame, not Pride

About five per cent of the population of our city is made up of migrant domestic workers. It has been estimated that there is a domestic worker in every seven households. That's about 340,000 people. How many of those workers are abused and exploited is unknown. But in a city which prides itself on its judicial system and emphases justice for all, the treatment of migrant domestic workers is often a matter of shame, not pride.

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World Refugee Day

I enjoyed the sharing of my experience of handling Vietnamese refugees much during the interview with Mr Chong from Cedar Fund

World Refugee Day is observed on June 20 every year as a tribute to the strength and courage of refugees across the globe. CA's concern for refugees was the firm foundation on which our work was based.

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