The Rainbow Connection

Crystal and Jeff Kershaw live on the other side of the world from the Xining Children's Home, an orphanage that Christian Action co-manages on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. Like many of you, the Kershaws have a deep sense of connection to the children in Xining. I'm so thankful to Crystal, who I wrote about in ' A Double Rainbow Blessing' last week, for sharing the moving story of their experience of adopting Meizi in 2001. This is what she wrote to us last week:

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A Double Rainbow Blessing!

In November 1997, shortly after Christian Action started serving in Qinghai, a beautiful baby girl was found on a road in Xining City East. Her name was Zhao Wenzhen (ๆ–‡็). She was taken to our Children’s Home and given a great deal of love and care. After she had also received surgery for a hip problem, she grew into a happy, intelligent, strong-willed toddler.

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What it's all about!

This week I have a rare treat for you - pictures and words that are guaranteed to make you smile. If you are feeling down, jaded or just in need of that extra something to start the week then you owe it to yourself to read this week’s post about Yang Yang and Kathy.

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Our Vision is Spreading to England!

Hi again!

I've been away, first at a Board meeting of Christian Action U.K., followed by a refreshing holiday with my husband Marlon and son Danial. It brought back many memories of my earlier years in England.  I spent five years being educated there and a further three years in Liverpool, where I met Marlon and first began working for Vietnamese Boat People and the Chinese community.  It was just great this time to share a testimony of my ministry to the poor, especially in Qinghai, at the Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church.

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Perspiration Pays Off!

My vision is to see every child in our orphanages provided with the same hope and future that I want for my own son. For that reason I thank Prof. Mark MacAlpine (above) and Bill Lake (below) who share the vision and went out to help make it happen! | Photo: M. MacAlpine Hi to you!

How inspired I am by our supporters!  So many of you volunteer your services in a wide variety of ways, and I'm so happy to tell you about two others who have energetically raised funds for Christian Action's work helping orphans in Qinghai, China.

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