Xiao Shan's Story 

As I promised last week, here’s the true story of a miracle, plus more!

In January 08, a beautiful little 2-year-old girl was abandoned on the grounds of our Children’s Home in Xining.  A note gave her name as Xiao Shan.  Some rural families can barely feed themeselves so the cost of caring for a handicapped child is too high.  Xiao Shan is deaf and dumb but she is a smart and caring child, always mothering younger children and so thoughtful of the staff.  At 3 years, she is now an ideal age for surgery, so we told Christian Action’s supporters about Xiao Shan, and our longing to see her with a cochlear implant which would offer her a far better chance at living an independent life.

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My worst fears... for the children

It's great having a blog site! It gives me yet another way I can communicate with you in the year ahead!

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