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A First for Xining Children’s Home!

As a supporter of our Home, you too can celebrate the wedding of Zhong Linjun (蓮君)!  She is the first orphan from our Home to get married!

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Hong Kong's Chief Secretary Values Our Work!

I had a strange experience a few days ago.  For the first time, I found myself sitting with a small group of leaders of Hong Kong charities in Government House having lunch with the Chief Secretary of the Hong Kong Government, Mr Henry Tang!

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Giving Everyone A Fair Chance

Compared to the original Xining Children's Home which also housed geriatric cases, this well-equipped facility today provides state-of-the art care for disabled children.Welcome!  Last week I promised to share with you a letter written by Ronald Wee, who wrote to generous friends about Xiao Shan just after he visited our work in Qinghai. Here's part of Ronald's letter (shared with permission):

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TWO Good Ears!

SURPRISE! Here's some fabulous news for you!

Last Tuesday, May 5, Xiao Shan was admitted to Union Hospital at 7am to receive her SECOND cochlear implant!!   Professor van Hasselt and Professor Tong began the surgical procedure at about 9:30am and finished around midday.  Both surgeons said the operation went well, with the implant fitting well into the cochlea, just like the first one. Xiao Shan returned to the Home of Loving Faithfulness late that day.

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Your Great Work!

For over ten years we have been serving children by building schools, clinics and homes for the rural poor on Qinghai province's Tibetan Plateau. We have worked especially hard for abandoned, orphaned and handicapped children. Christian Action does everything from arranging surgeries, to co-managing orphanages and the province's first and only Children's Rehab Center for the handicapped. We have been blessed to see our children adopted and placed in foster families and all of this is thanks to supporters like you. Thank you!

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