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Doing Something Unusual

Good morning again and I hope it’s an excellent week for you!

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Where to now?

You may remember that on March 15, I told you about a proposal I submitted to Qinghai's Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in January 2008, which is now helping poor herdsmen and farmers get medical assistance.

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Character First

A child in one of our Children's Homes is congratulated for her academic accomplishments by Christian Action Executive Committee members and supporters.Hi - and I hope you have had a wonderful celebration over the Easter weekend!

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She can hear!

Huge news! A  deaf little three-year-old girl, abandoned on the grounds of our orphanage in Xining can now hear! Music, birds, conversation... she is now in a new and wonderful world of opportunity. One that I have always taken from granted, and probably will continue to. Yet, I am still in shock and grinning from ear-to-ear one-week after watching Xiao Shan's reactions to hearing for the first time...

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The Chinese Christian Church of Milsons Point, Sydney, Australia is made up of heroes -  but they would probably tell you the real heroes are the children and foster parents pictured above. Each smiling adult is a native of Xining city, Qinghai province,  and is a foster parent to one or more of our children.  Fostering  children,  let alone handicapped children in a remote province like Qinghai, is a daily struggle. Yet for five years this Australian Church has done their all to make it just a little easier.

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