More Stunning News!

Three weeks ago I told you about 15 year-old Dou Ge who had been given four months to live by doctors in Qinghai. A week later I told you that a brain surgeon, Dr Wong, had read my blog, contacted his colleague, Dr Zhu in Hong Kong; they’d studied Dou Ge’s MRIs and believed that she could be saved.

Now here’s more stunning news... right now, as I send this to you, Dou Ge is undergoing life-saving surgery!

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Loving Life

Get ready to smile! If you find you are going through one of ‘those’ weeks and in need of inspiration, this week’s blog is written and photographed by adoptive parent Kathy Goedeken and should be all the ‘pick up’ you need!

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Praying for Dou Ge and Cai Ran

I know you're interested in hearing more about the two children I  asked you to pray for last week.  You'll never guess what has happened  in response to your prayers so I'd like  to fill you in.  Please click through to read more and learn how you can help.

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Please Pray

This week I am writing to ask you to pray for two of our children.  The beautiful Tibetan girl pictured above celebrated her 15th birthday this month and lives in one of our Children's Homes. Last week she was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a golf ball.  She has been given four months to live. Her name is Dou Ge.

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Hybrids and Humanitarian Organizations - Part 2

Security Guard trainees learn the ins-and-outs of using an industrial fire extinguisher.Last week I wrote that you'd be hard pressed to believe Hong Kong was ever host to tens of thousands of Vietnamese refugees as new construction has now erased almost all evidence of  the camps.  Yet if you were to have told me back then that Christian Action would grow from being a purely local humanitarian organization into one Hong Kong's most cutting edge Training Bodies I would have laughed silly!

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