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Holidays: A worry or a relief?

Confined to a one bedroom, sub-divided flat, there was little for Sum Sum and her younger sister Ting Ting to do during the recent holiday break from school. The school holidays meant that at least one parent would need to take off from work to care for the girls, but neither could afford to, as their survival is dependent upon every dollar made.

Sum Sum's mother cleans tables and washes dishes at a local noodle shop six days a week. Her father earns a living working odd renovation jobs. The family has dreams of being self-reliant, but despite the hard work and long hours, the family is still living below the poverty line. So what to do? Thankfully, the girls parent's found relief with Christian Action!

Both girls were referred to Christian Action's Mongkok Service Centre last year and regularly take part in our services. Sum Sum (7) participates in our after-school care programme and weekly English class. Ting Ting (4) finds great joy in playing Lego with other peers. The family of four also receive support from Christian Action's food package programme, ensuring that the girls receive adequate nutrition during their formative years.

Thanks to volunteers, the girls were able to join a full-day programme at the centre during the holidays allowing their parents the freedom to continue with work in pursuit of a better life. Serving Hong Kong's most vulnerable children is such a blessing. Not only are little ones loved and cared for, but parents also feel supported and encouraged knowing their children are in the best of hands.

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