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From Course to Community!

Over the last 23 years, more than 216,000 unemployed people have completed our training courses. It was during the outbreak of SARS in 2003, that I realised how vital our services were to the community. With unemployment reaching an all-time high, we saw a big influx of men and women who wanted to be retrained so that they could re-enter the workforce.

The labour market quickly rebounded, but year after year, the demand for our services continued, and even increased! I often asked myself, why? After speaking to a few graduates, I figured it out. Our programme alumni members were telling others about the incredible benefit of Christian Action's Training Services. They told others that not only was there great diversity in the disciplines we offered, but the variety was applicable to current market demands. So people kept coming, and continue to do today!

In 2012, we formed an alumni training group as a way to reunite graduates and provide them with support. Their mission became utilising alumni resources to encourage other citizens. Most recently, they organized an Alumni Funday at our headquarters, New Horizons Building. Graduates led practical workshops and taught members of the surrounding community all the skills they had personally acquired, including professional coffee making, baking, flower arranging and manicures. Many visitors were interested in future courses and signed-up on the spot!

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