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Remember Xixi?

On 4 April, 2018, we celebrated International Children's Day. Much of Christian Action's work focuses on children, so this holiday is close to my heart. We don't always get to see immediate change in work like this, but when we do see it, we are very glad to celebrate!

Remember Xixi? She was born in 2013 and raised in Xining Children's Home. Here's an update on where and how she is today.

Xixi is now happily living in Spain with the family who adopted her.

We were so thankful that a woman named Marta met Xixi and knew instantly that she wanted to adopt this beautiful child. Xixi was officially adopted in 2015. Marlon met the happy family to wish them well on this special day.

Since the wonderful day when Xixi went home with her family, we have been blessed to receive many updates from her mother. Most recently, we received this sweet update, shortly after Xixi's 5th birthday:

Dear Siew Mei,

Xixi is a happy girl, and every day is a joy for her. She loves the beach and swimming—she is a very active girl! Xixi has learned to swim very well and is currently learning Chinese. I am very grateful to China for my beautiful daughter, and I look forward to sharing more updates with you.

With love,

After receiving this update from Marta, we happily sent the update along with photos to her caretakers at Xining as well as her foster family. It was an emotional moment for them, as they saw their sweet little girl happily settled with Marta's family. Their care for her began Xixi's journey into life with her forever family.

This update from Marta encouraged me to keep praying that God would continue to bless our ministry of loving all children.

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