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Buses Save Lives!

Jun is a grassroots farmer in a remote region of the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai. He works long, hard hours in frigid weather to provide for his wife, child and extended family. When Jun fell ill during harvest season last August, he needed urgent medical care. Thankfully a call was made by the local authorities to Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital and their medical bus began the journey over treacherous terrain.

Because of these mobile health services, Jun fully recovered. Christian Action began cooperation with Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital in 2008, and since 2011, their experienced mobile medical team has served almost 30,000 people. It's miraculous to think that a small bus can save lives!

When the current bus began to show serious signs of wear, I began to pray. A bus provides a critical service to the poor. God would surely provide!

Praise God! Dr. Victor Liu, Christian Action Asia Board Member, answered God's call and allocated funding from his late uncle for a brand new medical bus. This act of generosity ensured that the vital work would continue, and even improve! At the presentation ceremony in Qinghai in September, Dr. Liu was appointed as a Consultant of Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital enabling him to share years of experience and medical expertise. This will definitely improve the overall healthcare standard in Qinghai.

With many thanks for Dr. Liu and our continued partnership with the Charity Hospital, we will serve the Qinghai community with greater love and care!

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