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No Retirement from Service

When Hong Kong was still a Crown colony, Tim was in the British Royal Navy. As a Chief Petty Officer, he was in the highest military rank among the ethnic Chinese soldiers serving in the Navy. After the transfer of sovereignty, Tim then joined a large group as a storeroom-in-charge for handling procurement matters for the Wharf.

After 22 years of service it was time for retirement. That is, retirement from receiving a pay packet for the work he was doing. Tim is one of those selfless people who want to give back to the community. As an advocate of lifelong learning, he then began taking vocational training courses at our New Horizons Building 3 years ago, and has completed many courses and learned different skills.

During his time with us, Tim found that the work we were doing to assist the East Kowloon communities was extremely meaningful. With his proficiency in English, he then became a valuable part time staff member, tutoring primary school students with their homework. What's more, he volunteered to help answer enquiries from the public at our Community Information and Cyber Centre (CICC).

As one of our training course alumni, Tim currently serves at our New Horizons Building as a part-time tutor for providing afterschool care to our young kids in the nearby communities. He also serves as a volunteer at our CICC and helps manage a study room in the New Horizons Building which is open for students who are preparing for their public examinations.

Tim believes that when we help those in need in our society, we are also helping ourselves because we all live in one world, and helping each other definitely leads to a better world.

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