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A Fair Platform!

Most of Hong Kong's unemployed people have had little education and have no 'connections' who can give them a job of some kind. While Christian Action (CA) offers various training courses to help them acquire a skill, they still need 'connections'.

Our popular annual Job Fair at the Kwun Tong Community Centre provides a one-of-a-kind platform for both job seekers and employers.

This year over 4,000 job openings, which spanned multiple industries, were on offer by 18 local and multi-national corporations. They included some famous brand names such as MUJI and AEON. Job seekers came to explore opportunities in various industries, and it allowed fair-goers to see industry updates and learn about our training course aimed at enhancing employability.

One hundred applicants got job offers, while a further 300 had appointments for a second interview. The highlights of the Fair were the career workshops organized by representatives from some top-notch employers, including Holiday Inn, InterContinental, Regal Hotels and City Services Group.

Tomas Liu, a graduate of ERB "Manpower Development Scheme" studied security training a few years ago, represented City Services Group in his capacity as a Senior Training and Recruitment Officer at the Fair. He led a team of competent staff who recruited new blood. Tomas also gave a talk to the job seekers and shared his experience in property management.

This outstanding alumnus also mentioned that he chose CA to pursue the training course because Christian Action really put its visions and missions of serving the unserved into action.

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