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Co-operation x F.U.N. Carnival

Co-operation is the name of the game when it comes to a 3-legged challenge! What could be more memorable for families and friends than the times we spend laughing together!

Showing off some moves
through a dance!

For the fifth time, our 3-Legged Charity Walk x F.U.N. Carnival drew a crowd of more than 1,000 adults and children. It was a beautiful Saturday morning at the Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club. The event not only allowed everyone to enjoy panoramic views of idyllic scenery, but also gave participants a chance to experience some of the difficulties of not being able to walk properly. That is what it's like for some of our disabled children in Qinghai.

I was so pleased to see lots of smiles across the fields, at the bouncy castle, the game booths, and even at the dances!

Eric, a courageous teenager from Qinghai came to the event to share his aspirations with those who came to the fun event.

Over the years, this annual event has become more than just fun. It is also a get-together for CA friends and supporters. Our event this year raised nearly HK$600,000 to support our work for the most marginalised and neglected communities in Qinghai and Hong Kong. I truly hope Eric's words and the 3-legged experience will open the hearts of others, so they may see in our service, our work for the Lord who walks the road with us and who talks with us throughout our lives as we read the scriptures and follow His ways.

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