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Sheila's Visit

It has been 20 years since Christian Action began cooperating with the Xining Civil Affairs Bureau to co-manage Xining Children's Home. Since then, we've gladly worked together with the Qinghai local government to manage five homes, giving children around the province love, hope, and future opportunity.

2019 will be a new chapter for our first home in Xining. There will be an expansion and renovation of the home! The new Xining Children's Home will be seven times bigger than the present one and will house five times as many children. The much needed upgrade to the facility will also allow us to provide a wider variety of rehabilitation and special needs services. Recently, we asked Sheila Purves, senior consultant of the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Association, to visit the building and give us feedback on the new building, function rooms and other facilities.

With an extensive background in rehabilitation education and services, Sheila was impressed by the new building and assured us that our equipment list would be effective. Her visit was filled with practical advice that we plan to implement so that we can continue to grow and expand our service to these children.

Sheila also visited the Xining Social Welfare Institute and the Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital and met with our rehabilitation team. The team cherished the opportunity to learn from Sheila. She was very willing to answer all the questions. I'm so thankful for Sheila's expertise and more importantly for her heart to serve the unserved. I look forward to reading her detailed report and learning how we can continue to improve the care we provide these precious children on the Tibetan Plateau.

Please pray for divine guidance and protection from our Lord as we prepare to open the doors of the new Xining Children's Home to those who need it most.

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