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A Healing Journey

We recently shared the news of four children in Qinghai who we have been privileged to serve on their individual journeys towards healing. Xiao Rang, a twelve-year-old Tibetan girl, was one of the four. Christian Action was recently presented with a beautiful 'thank you' plaque from her family, so we want to share with you more of her story.

The curvature of her spine and associated medical challenges became more noticeable when Xiao Rang was studying in boarding school in Guinan County. Many people in the Tibetan region cannot afford the treatment for such medical conditions. For that reason, it was not until last June that Xiao Rang saw a doctor and was diagnosed with severe congenital Scoliosis.

A diagnosis like this can financially destroy a humble Tibetan family. The income of Xiao Rang's family, like many other families in that region, is derived from animal husbandry in the mountains. Thankfully, Christian Action saw this family struggling to care for their daughter and stepped in and helped them to provide life-changing medical treatment for her.

After the initial exam in September 2017, it was determined that surgical intervention would be necessary to prevent Xiao Rang from suffering heart and lung problems because of the curvature of her spine. Since starting treatment, this precious girl has gone through surgery five times. The road has been hard, so we are glad to share the news that healing has been slowly taking place.

When Xiao Rang first came to us, she stood 132cm tall. The surgeries have added 10cms to her height! Not only has the treatment made a drastic improvement to her overall health, it shows in the way Xiao Rang carries herself!

Before her healing journey began, she was very aware of what made her different, and it was hard to cope with the way others treated her because of it. Today, she carries joy within her, and it shows in her newfound confidence. It certainly seems to be making a strong impact on her life. I am praying that one day, Xiao Rang will know that the source of joy is found in God our Father, who loves her more than she knows right now. Please join with me in praying for Xiao Rang.

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