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Giving Healing

Simple acts of generosity can transform the lives of others. Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors, four needy children from Hainan Prefecture, Guinan County have recently had much-needed surgery.

The first child, Lai Lai, a 15 year-old Muslim boy, came to us with heart disease. Our medics assessed his condition and advised to conduct more detailed check-up for him. We will arrange him to undergo cardiac catheterization next week.

Xia, a 10 year-old child of the Tu ethnic group, suffers from Leukaemia. After treatment, her condition stabilized. We will check on Xia in February to monitor her progress.

Then there was Xiao Jie, a 13 year-old Tibetan boy, came to us suffering from a variety of conditions, including lumbar dysraphism, a loss of bladder control and a loss of mobility. When he arrived, he was losing his ability to walk. Thankfully, after three surgeries, he is learning to walk again. His bladder also now has some sensation. Praise God!

Our final patient on this occasion was Xiao Rang, a sweet 12-year old Tibetan girl who suffers from scoliosis. She underwent three surgeries. Thanks to the skill of the surgeon and God's healing power, her height increased from 132cm to 140cm! She will undergo two more operations, so please keep praying for her healing.

All these children come from different spiritual backgrounds, so it has been a beautiful opportunity for them to witness the love of Christ in the doctors, staff, and donors. I pray that the impact on each of these little ones will be lasting

I have been honoured to see so many of you respond generously to help the children find healing and fullness of life. Please continue to pray for all the children and families in Qinghai Province.

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