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A Colourful Career Camp

Many people in our community struggle to find jobs, so it is the mission of the Integrated Employment Assistance Programme for Self-Reliance (IEAPS), to offer help. It's important to help empower those in need so that they can have a successful career. The beneficiaries of IEAPS are recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, and many of the people who receive help are single parents. Without help, it would be hard for them to become self-reliant.

Recently, IEAPS hosted an event called 'Camp in Colourful Career' for those seeking to discover their employability and in the process learn more about themselves. Fifteen people attended, and spent the day doing games that were designed to promote self-understanding, cooperation, and teamwork.

For example, teams had to work together to build the tallest building with limited resources. Another game involved cards and friendly competition. The event finished off with indoor gun target practice. The room seemed to light up with happiness as they encouraged one another to hit the target!

One of the beneficiaries said later, "I learned to be brave during challenges and willing to try something new. Often we face many difficulties in middle age, especially finding jobs. I now believe that if we are brave enough to try, we will experience a breakthrough. I also learned to set my goals. I usually do the housework at home, but I seldom look out for myself. At the camp today, it was satisfying to shoot the target with an indoor-gun. I feel happy about the encouragement I received here."

Unemployment can leave people feeling lonely, isolated, and with a deflated sense of self. But with the help of colourful and encouraging programmes like the Career Camp, these people can come together and feel less alone while they face life's challenges.

Please pray for these men and women as they push forward through difficulties to pursue their dreams, care for their families, themselves, and their communities.

Note: Our participants do not wish to share their identities. Faces have been blurred to protect them.

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