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Update from the Goedeken Family

One of the most fulfilling things about my job is when we send our kids off to their forever homes. It's very heartening when I get in touch with them and hear wonderful stories of their new lives. To know that our children are growing under the care of very loving people reminds me of how loving our God is.

For example, take the case of Evan, who was adopted in 2009 from our Home in Qinghai, and now lives in the US with his loving mum, Kathy. Kathy has never failed to keep in touch to let us know how Evan is progressing. The last time I shared news about Evan, I showed some of his photos, and the news that he has a brother named Kai, who is also an adoptee.

I would like to share Kathy's news with you about how fruitful Evan's life has been.

Evan is now 11-1/2 years old, and Kai is 7-1/2 years old. They will both be playing on competitive baseball teams this spring/summer. Evan really loves playing and watching baseball. His favorite position is the catcher. He is also in his fourth year of piano lessons.

He recently played in an all-city music contest and received the highest score! Evan is a very good student, and his favorite subject is writing. For some years he has said that he wants to be an author when he grows up. His brother, Kai, says he wants to be an illustrator so they can work together!

Evan has told me that his best friend is Kai. That really made my heart happy! They play really well together. Today they spent all afternoon building a fort in our basement and another fort in our backyard, to play in together. We took a family bike ride this evening to a nearby park, where we played basketball and 4 square. Evan and Kai have a lot of energy and are at such fun ages now.

It warms my heart to see that Evan and Kai are growing up so well. Without a doubt, the future is bright for these two boys. I pray that God would continue to bless their family. May they grow into loving people who will one day make a huge difference in the world. At the same time, I continue in my prayer that all of our kids will have a place they can finally call home.

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