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When our little brings a Huge Grin!

Five months ago I told you that we feared for the life of seven-year-old Cai Rang who has severe hydrocephalus. I also said, "sometimes the medical problems are just too big." Two months later I told you that the build up of fluid meant he could no longer hold up his head and that it would be a challenge to transport him from Xining to Beijing, where he could get specialised attention.

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An Earthquake's Devastation

A Day of Mourning in China was announced by the Government as we prepared this post. The death toll from last week's earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai Province, has reached 2039, and thousands more were injured. What media pictures haven't shown you are the injured people now filling the hospitals in Xining, and the other heart-broken and devastated people flooding into this city that now need care.

Help Yushu Recover

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Scenes that we long to see : Tibetan folk dancing in front of a school building won't be possible for quite some time due to the April 14 earthquake (this photo from a neighboring county).

*** Update : Latest news : Premier Wen told the Director of the Children's Home that the children will be prioritized for shelter. Shelters are now set up on the horse festival grounds and tents have arrived.   Please pray for the Director's wife as she was injured in the earthquake and is now in hospital in Xining (10 hours from Yushu) where we are doing all we can to support her. ****

Help Yushu Recover

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Earthquake Update

All the children, staff and buildings in Huang Nan (above) and Xining Children's Homes survived the earthquake unscathed.

Dear  Friends,

Siew Mei arrived in the UK for meetings just a few hours ago, so she has been unable to do anything about letting you know what has happened in the earthquake zone. I’m writing on her behalf.  My name is Clarence Tsang, Deputy Director of Christian Action... nice to meet you!

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The World's Most Valuable Software

Our wonderful Special-Education Trainer Cindy Pearson in action at the Xining Children's Rehabilitation Center

When guests from Europe and elsewhere visit the Multi-Sensory room in the Children's Rehabilitation Centre in Xining they say they have never seen anything like it. But Anthony Charter, our Chairman, says, "It's easy to pat ourselves on the back when we look at the hardware we've invested in, but now we need the software so that we can inspire others to empower disabled children." What is this 'software' he's talking about?

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