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Our Vision is Spreading to England!

Hi again!

I've been away, first at a Board meeting of Christian Action U.K., followed by a refreshing holiday with my husband Marlon and son Danial. It brought back many memories of my earlier years in England.  I spent five years being educated there and a further three years in Liverpool, where I met Marlon and first began working for Vietnamese Boat People and the Chinese community.  It was just great this time to share a testimony of my ministry to the poor, especially in Qinghai, at the Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church.

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Perspiration Pays Off!

My vision is to see every child in our orphanages provided with the same hope and future that I want for my own son. For that reason I thank Prof. Mark MacAlpine (above) and Bill Lake (below) who share the vision and went out to help make it happen! | Photo: M. MacAlpine Hi to you!

How inspired I am by our supporters!  So many of you volunteer your services in a wide variety of ways, and I'm so happy to tell you about two others who have energetically raised funds for Christian Action's work helping orphans in Qinghai, China.

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Out of Africa


I promised to tell you about how Christian Action serves desperate people who seek asylum in Hong Kong, so here's an example for you.  Some time ago Mary arrived on the doorstep of our Service Centre in Chungking Mansion, Kowloon, with two little girls clinging to her side. She was traumatized and in despair. The government militia in Congo, her home country, had detained and sexually abused her following the arrest and disappearance of her husband, who had participated in a national election. Mary knew no one in Hong Kong - but hoped that we could help.  We are actually the only drop-in service centre for asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong.

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One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!

Running for refugees: Bonita Choi in Namibia | Photo: BonitaHello!

I don't know about you but I have been captivated by the media coverage of yesterday's 40th Anniversary of man's landing on the moon.  The courage and dedication of the astronauts boggles my mind.  Recently however, I got to witness astronaut-like dedication in a brave young volunteer who deliberately chose a tough road - actually, a tough run across the second oldest desert in the world!  Meet Bonita Choi, the 25 year old financial analyst from Hong Kong who completed a seven-day, 250km endurance run in May so that she could help the helpless!  

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LOVE... Always Perseveres

Me and the little angel Xiao Mou, who is now in heaven.

I'm usually giving you happy news about our work, and today is no exception, but to be balanced, I should also tell you about the distressing side.

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