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How can parents simply abandon a child?

A frame from last week's video on beautiful Fei Fei and her heroic foster mother.

How can parents simply abandon a child?

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Sorrow Also Brings Joy

Photograph of Fei Fei and her foster Father was taken in 2007 at an outing for foster families and their children. The event was sponsored by the Chinese Christian Church of Milsons Point, Sydney, Australia.

There is so much we can learn from handicapped children, but Sun Feizhi (nicknamed Fei Fei) taught my staff and I that we should keep on believing in severely mentally challenged children.

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A MAD but Great Project

I've been telling you about inspiring supporters of our work who come up with ideas that help the children in our orphanages, and I'm glad to say that one has turned up in my own home!  It's my 14 year old son, Danial - and his friends! I've been away visiting sick friends in Malaysia, so I asked Danial to jot down what he was doing and why.  This is what he's written:

This is a MAD project Mom; we have to do it for school, MAD stands for Make-A-Difference.   MAD projects must make a difference in some way, from serving in your church, or community, to helping your grandma run errands. My friends and I have always wanted to make a CD, so we decided to do it for a good cause. We were planning to give our sales money to a charity, but my friends didn't know which one to choose. Christian Action popped into my head right away. I've seen you fight so hard and overcome countless difficulties, but I never really knew what kind of people you did it for until I went with you to the orphanages in Qinghai last year.  It was life changing experience as I met face to face with the orphans I've heard you talk about by name over the years. It really touched my heart to see that Christian Action lived up to its name, and had really taken a lot of action. The facilities in Xining were beautifully kept and the orphans seemed extraordinarily happy. I could see that best of all, the children were receiving the love and care from the staff, who were fully dedicated 24/7. I chose to do this project for the orphans.  I chose to aid your work, and give God's plans for the future just a slight push. We've been busy writing songs, and will soon be ready for recording; Mike is on 1st guitar, Josh on bass, JB on 2nd guitar, and me on drums. Managing our group is Kelvin, and our album graphics designer is Mitchell.  FYI, we're a ska punk rock band, not like those pop bands that we believe destroyed the heart of rock.  We're hoping our CD will be released after the Easter break, but we will continue working on our songs and hopefully, people will buy our CD so we can give away lots of money!
It's great to see teenagers like Danial and his friends do something for children who have many difficulties, and it's going to be fun taking their CD to play in the orphanages! I'm sure some of you are thinking about a project you can do so please let me know how I can support you! Have a wonderful week, Siew Mei.

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Christian Action Asia - Now an Approved Charity in the US!

Christian Action's very first China Program Manager Adam Voysey will be helping us get the new US charity Christian Action Asia get off the ground

I am so excited to tell you that we are now registered in the US as Christian Action Asia!  We have been granted full tax exempt public charity status for US taxpayers!  This is huge news for the many adoptive parents in the US who have told me they want to support the Children's Homes in Qinghai. Of course, this is even bigger news for those in Qinghai who will benefit from the support we receive! We now need to register in every US state where we plan to fundraise.

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A Boy Who Steals Hearts!

This week I'm introducing you to perhaps the bravest little boy I have ever met.  His name is Bin Bin. In 1998, at two weeks old,  he was abandoned, probably because he had several congenital deformities.  Someone picked him up and took him to the police station.  There were no clues and his parents could not be located, so he was admitted to our Children's Home.

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