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A Mid-Autumn Reflection

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a marker of seasons, but more importantly, it's a time to gather with family and loved ones. This is an exciting time, but it is also a time when I constantly think about our children in Qinghai. Some of them have never seen their parents. For the majority, family gatherings are impossible, so I'm glad to be part of an organization that constantly tries to bring joy into their lives.

One of the ways we provide for our little ones in Qinghai is through The Olive Leaf, a social enterprise floral shop located in Tsuen Wan West MTR station. This lovely shop serves the community in multiple ways. It employs low-income people while leveraging profits to support our humanitarian work in Hong Kong and Qinghai. The Olive Leaf began with a step of faith. By God's guiding hand, we have seen it grow as it receives positive support from the community for the venue décor, the beautiful floral arrangements, and the workshops.

The Olive Leaf recently ran a floral workshop in a local Hong Kong office. Corporate employees in this city face a lot of stress, so it was a good opportunity to help them connect with nature and also grow closer to their colleagues.

At this time, why not support businesses that use their influence to help those in need. The Olive Leaf's limited edition gift hampers have arrived just in time for Mid-Autumn! Each basket features Chinese or Western-style moon cakes and is decorated with fresh flowers, dried flowers, or potted plants. Flowers always bring happiness, and the hampers decorated with dried flowers or plotted plants are just as lovely. These gifts will delight your family, but more importantly, they help others, like our children in Qinghai.

Why not support them this festive season? Visit the shop at Tsuen Wan West MTR to purchase your hamper, or follow the link (

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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