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A Joyful Summer Camp 

Summer has a special place in my heart. It is a time for family and friends, and the warmth reminds me of children, full of joy and excitement. This year, we co-organised a summer camp for our disabled and orphaned children with Huangnan Children's home. Hundreds of students enjoyed the outdoors and spent a meaningful week together.

Government officials, community leaders, and other representatives attended a simple opening ceremony which kick-started the camp. Aside from speeches given by the Deputy Director of Huangnan Civil Affairs Bureau, the superintendent of the children's home and child representatives, Marlon also gave a speech and wished the kids great success. A song and dance performance signalled the official start of camp.

The outdoor events were, without a doubt, the highlight of this happy summer camp! Besides the usual sporting activities like basketball and rope skipping, there were also group games. The children were enthusiastic about competing against each other, but there was also a deep sense of camaraderie among them. That truly warmed my heart.

Among the indoor events was a sex education talk, where social workers delivered lessons on human physiology and sexuality, to ensure awareness and the protection of our children. We also provided older students with career counselling to help them plan and reach their full potential.

I was touched to see how close the children had grown during the week. They were reluctant to leave, so I knew that their camp experience must have been very special.

I'm thankful to our China team for making this happen. I believe God's hand was over his children during this camp. Even though the camp has come to an end, His love for them will never end.

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