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First-time Campers

My commitment to the next generation has never wavered because they will be the ones to shape our future world. Christian Action has been a pioneer and innovator in developing services in Qinghai and in Hong Kong that empower youth and prepare them for healthy, thriving lives.

To celebrate the end of summer we held a free two-day camping event for students from our Child Development Fund Programme and some others. For many of these students, this was the first time they were camping! We provided tents, camping equipment, and stoves so they could enjoy a wonderful new experience!

The students arrived in Sai Kung with heavy backpacks, and then participated in team building activities. Each game was physically challenging, but the students obviously enjoyed them - despite the sweat!

The highlight for many was in setting up the tents and tarps. With the help of volunteers, the youth learned to pick a site, set up, and secure the tent. Then they placed the tarps. The students were united in working together, some holding poles and others securing the stakes. One student said with a smile, "The setup required a lot of energy. Camping seems easy, but it isn't!"

After a day of hard work and fun, the group prepared their own dinner: tomatoes with eggs, chicken wings, and pasta. The whole day was a time to enjoy each other's company out in nature.

I'm so grateful for all the volunteers who make our work with youth and the Child Development Fund possible. The youth are learning important life skills, and more importantly, through our programmes they learn about their worth and potential. I pray these kids would continue to experience God's grace and love so that they walk boldly into a future full of hope and opportunity.

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