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World Food Day

On October 16 annually, World Food Day raises public awareness of global hunger. On the surface, it may seem that hunger has nothing to do with our wealthy city. However, Hong Kong has one of the largest wealth gaps in the world. The high cost of living means that many people in our community cannot afford to feed themselves.

Our mission is to serve the un-served, so in 2000 we launched our meal delivery services and did that for three years. For over 10 years we also provided three meals a day to refugees in Chungking Mansions. Last year we began working with Food Angel to meet the needs of our neighbours. From our headquarters over 100 hot meals each weekday were given to the elderly, disabled, and low-income people in our community.

I sometimes take a break from my work in the office to watch the meal delivery process. It touches my heart to see our volunteers hard at work, while the elderly wait patiently for their meals. Meaningful connections are made between them. However, the most rewarding thing to witness is the smile on each person’s face after a hot and nutritious meal, knowing they have received the food from people who really care about them.

One memorable experience is of the selfless nature of a 99-year-old man in a wheelchair, who has been coming to New Horizons Building every day for years, rain or shine. At first, I thought he was coming to collect meals for himself, but I eventually learned that each time he comes he takes a meal back to his neighbour who is stuck at home due to work injuries. The sacrificial love of this man reminds me of the love of God, so my determination has been renewed each day that we must love and serve our community.

This programme provides more than hot food! It also provides the warmth of love and care for the vulnerable. I pray that God would continue to guide our hands and feet as we serve the marginalised in our society, giving them the opportunity to live lives of dignity and hope.

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