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Blessing Story Series: Paying it Forward

We have been a proud provider of Training Services since 1993. Since then, we've seen over 280,000 people trained and better equipped for the job market. This month's story is about Fung Yin, one of the recipients of our training services, who had an unlikely career change.

Interviewed by radio stations and TV
programmes was an amazing
experience for Fung Yin

Fung Yin was a chef who prepared traditional Chinese cuisine. She was responsible for everything in the kitchen and worked every day until 10 pm. She knew she should be spending more time with her daughter but that would mean leaving a job she had been trained to do.

Neighbours suggested that she do the domestic helper course being offered by Christian Action, so she did the course. It would take a major life event in 2007 before she was willing to make a career change. In that year, she was divorced, so she became a full time domestic helper.

Fung Yin began working from 7am to 7pm. After work, she would prepare dinner for her daughter, and she occasionally volunteered to clean the homes of her elderly neighbours. She describes herself as being "just a little matronly woman," but she is now proud of herself for doing what she is good at doing. Because of her skills and experience, she has been interviewed by magazines, radio stations and TV programmes.

Fung Yin's daughter has graduated from university and has begun working, but whenever she can, she gives affordable tutoring to neighbourhood children. Fung Yin said, "Many people helped us when we needed it, so my daughter and I want to give back to society."

I hope that you are as encouraged as I was by Fung Yin's story, and that you too will look at ways you may serve the unserved. We are looking forward to many more years of stories like Fung Yin's when we move into our new Choi Wan headquarters. It will have new facilities to train the unemployed, and empower them to also fulfil their dreams.

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