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"SEASON OF LOVE": Love for Vulnerable Children

Autumn has finally arrived! A crisp, cool air is blowing, marking the approaching Christmas and New Year holidays. At this time, I think of the countless children who lack the love and warmth that families share during the holiday season. But there is hope!

Despite the challenges, I'm hopeful that Christian Action's 'Season of Love' will show our love to many of the disabled and orphaned children in Qinghai, and also show our support for low-income children in Hong Kong. Since 2012, we have run our charity drive from November to January, to help fund programmes that will support many children.

This year, we are privileged to collaborate with renowned Japanese anime characters from TAMA and FRIENDS and share specially designed meal bags and delightful hand-made chocolate gift boxes made by Mrs. Fields. The lead character, TAMA, is a cat with a strong sense of justice. Every day, accompanied by cats and dogs of different backgrounds, TAMA and the gang experience various matters big and small in their neighbourhood. The characters are not only cute, but also full of positive energy, which is why TAMA and FRIENDS becomes one of our Caring Ambassadors this year.

We have also approached well-known TV actor Tsui Wing, and without a second's hesitation, he agreed to become our Caring Ambassador! Mr. Tsui has been active in charity work, and has a desire to positively influence the community, encouraging others to care for the vulnerable. With his support, I am confident we will be able to raise more funds for the needs of children.

Each chocolate box and meal bag is more than a gift - they are gifts which bring blessing and hope to kids in need, together with life-changing programmes that offer hope for the future.

I look forward to having you alongside us, sharing joy and love with the children we serve during this Season of Love.

Please visit for details of the event.

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