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An Admirable Family

Since joining Christian Action in 1987, I have been on a journey to faithfully serve the vulnerable in our society. The amazing thing is that we are often encouraged by their positive outlook on life. One of them is Chau Shui-heng at our Mong Kok Service Centre. We recommended her along with her family to participate in Hong Kong Great Family 2018, a contest organised by numerous local associations and corporations.

We were thrilled that they were given the Gold Perseverance and Virtue Award at the presentation ceremony. We can learn from their inspirational story. Shui-heung has a son and daughter and works three jobs a day. She is the sole breadwinner. She is a sanitation worker for a residential building; she also cleans a mahjong school early in the morning, and she carries out duties in a garbage room. Because she works over 12 hours a day, she has a variety of occupational health issues, such as wrist and back pain. The work is tough, but she soldiers on and supports her family.

Her daughter, Man-yee, has been working part-time since Form 4 to help lessen her mother's burden, and she is eager to work full-time after graduation so that her family can live a better life. Despite this family's circumstances, they never give up. Instead, they face each challenge with determination and hope. May we be encouraged to face our own lives with that same strength! Shui-heung could not attend the award ceremony because of work commitments, but her children walked on stage to accept her prize. Hong Kong and Beijing officials, local lawmakers, guests and members of the audience gave all the winners rounds of applause to encourage them.

I was honoured to have met Shui-heng and her family. I pray for families like hers and ask that God would ease their burdens, renew their strength, and lead other people and organisations to empower them for a better tomorrow.

Click here to know more about Shui-heung's story.

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