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Blessing Story Series: Chasing Light - Ah Yue's Journey

When low-income families arrive in Hong Kong, Christian Action is one of the few non-government organisations that specifically gears services and programmes towards their needs. These families often face many struggles. We first opened our arms to these families in 1996. Since then, it has been a real blessing to serve them. Our programmes, such as after school care, has meant caring for other vulnerable people such as local children with special needs.

Ah Yue shared her story as a way to raise awareness of the struggles that newcomers face. May we be moved by compassion and continue to better serve our neighbours.

Ah Yue said, "I grew up watching Hong Kong TV shows, so I was particularly attracted to the lifestyle espoused by office ladies in those shows - Hong Kong was obviously a vibrant metropolis!" Originally from Taishan, Guangdong, 10 year-old Ah Yue resettled in Hong Kong with her mother. It was a rude awakening. She said, "I came to realise that Hong Kong life as depicted in the TV shows was far from reality."

When they first arrived, Ah Yue and her mother lived in an impossibly small room in a subdivided flat. Her mother worked for the frozen meat industry, barely earning what they needed to survive. Ah Yue's only escape was through her imagination, so she read every book she could get her hands on. She also experienced a host of other challenges. She had to repeat Primary 4, and later on, she fell behind in English class, which began to destroy her confidence.

Ah Yue first found CA's Mongkok Service Centre through a friendly referral to her mother. When she first came, she arrived at 8am and participated in all the activities. Making many friends helped her adjust to life in Hong Kong.

"The words 'new immigrant' is not branded on my forehead, so I had to change my mentality. Only rude behaviour gave people the excuse to discriminate against us." This period of happiness made a lasting impact on Ah Yue. She is presently a fourth year student at the Education University of Hong Kong, majoring in visual arts - and she is now a part-time member of staff at Christian Action!

I am so proud of Ah Yue and others like her who have come through our after school care programme to pursue their dreams and live lives of purpose. When I visit our Mongkok Service Centre and see the smiling faces of the children, I pray they will one day be like Ah Yue: happy, thriving, and serving the unserved in their communities. I look forward to seeing our New Arrivals Programme continue to develop as we step into a new era in Choi Wan next year. I'm confident that God will continue to bless these children and their families!

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