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Thought for the Week - Pay it Forward

This is the 17th year that I have participated in RTHK's radio programme Thought for the Week. It has always been an honour to share on this Christian programme and encourage others in their walk with Christ.

This year, I shared about Christian Action's Back to Serve programme and how it all began. As many of you know, the work we are doing in Qinghai with orphans and abandoned children began with a dream I had 20 years ago about a baby girl. Similarly, the Back to Serve Programme began with a vision I was given in 2016. As I was being prayed for at a conference, this person saw me standing with a quiver full of arrows. I shot each arrow in a different direction. Then, I gathered them back up, held them together, and shot them towards a single target!

For many years I knew that this would happen but I did not know when. It was as if a green light was given to me and I felt a sense of understanding when I received this vision. I knew that God was telling me it was time to reach out to our adopted children and give them an opportunity to serve in Qinghai. I began praying in faith that God would send adoptees to serve with us.

The road to our first successful Back to Serve event wasn't easy! I'm sure many of you can relate to the difficulties of taking your dream or vision and making it a reality. When I first reached out to four adoptees and invited them to join us, I was worried as they had been away from the children's home for many years, and there was no telling what their responses would be. To my delight and surprise, Bingjie and Abigail accepted my invitation without questions and served at Xining Children's Home for six months. Seeing their joyful obedience to God's calling was deeply moving and another reminder of God's faithfulness.

The seven months with Bingjie and Abigail were filled with joy and love as they served children with whom they share a common origin. Through their service, God blessed them by helping them heal and reconnect with their own journeys. I hope this story touches your hearts and reminds you of the power of paying it forward. May God continue to give you the measure of love and faith you need to follow Him in service wherever He leads.

To hear my segment please click here.

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