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God's Abundant Grace

How time flies! Christian Action has been serving abandoned and disabled children in Qinghai for more than 20 years! What started as a dream to save one child has grown into Qinghai's first registered overseas NGO - a programme that now co-manages five children's homes with the local government. Every year, we have a vision-sharing luncheon at which we celebrate God's grace. This year, we invited our network of pastors, supporters, adopted children and their families to celebrate with us.

We had a terrific time together, sharing a meal and worshipping God. I shared memories of our China programme, from our grassroots beginnings to upcoming plans for a new children's home in Xining. My good friend Goh Hai Bee, the previous headmistress of my alma mater, St. Mary's School, also shared her own Qinghai experiences and God's good work among the people there.

Perhaps the most touching part of the event was when John, an adoptee, shared his story with us about how Christian Action and his adoptive family changed his life, giving him the opportunity to pursue his dreams. He is now so confident and full of life - a beautiful reminder of why we persevere in this God-given work.

Before the end of the luncheon, we made an appeal to financially support this meaningful work, and we were so thankful to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars that day! I believe even more contributions will come from the guests and others to support God's work in Qinghai.

I would like to express my deep gratitude for our Christian Action team that worked hard to make the luncheon a great success! And, as always, thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to the wellbeing and livelihood of these precious children in Qinghai. I have confidence that the Lord will continue making possible the impossible, giving love and hope to those who need most.

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