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A Thanksgiving Reflection

Thanksgiving Day, celebrated in November, is one of my favourite holidays. Season of Love, from November to January, is our annual charity drive. Proceeds from the drive benefit low-income children in Hong Kong and orphans and disabled kids in Qinghai. These charity drives play such an important role in making a difference in the lives of these children. I'd like to share the story of just one of them: Kangkang.

Kangkang depended on a ventilator
for life support

Kangkang was born earlier this year, but due to aspiration of amniotic fluid, he experienced respiratory distress a few days after his birth and required emergency intervention twice. Sadly, Kangkang's mother abandoned him, and he was admitted to our Haxi Children's Home.

Since then, we have sought medical advice on Kangkang's condition from overseas paediatricians. We sourced an appropriate ventilator for him, and supplied infant formula from Hong Kong. Throughout these efforts, there were lots of prayers that Kangkang would have a chance to grow up healthy and in a safe, loving home.

Kangkang is now six months old, and we are thankful that his condition has been stabilised. The head of nursing who has taken care of Kangkang shared that he has been eating and sleeping well! This journey to health has not been without challenge. Kangkang had suffered a moderate brain injury due to lack of oxygen, but we remain committed to his care and will continue seeking the best medical care for him.

I know that Kangkang's story will help you see just how powerful it is to buy a simple gift - they all add up! For this year's Season of Love, we collaborated with TAMA and FRIENDS, a popular Japanese anime, and we have rolled out a charity lunch bag and a Mrs. Fields Charity Chocolate Gift Box.

Would you consider supporting our efforts and also commit to sharing the drive with your friends and family? It will all help to give little ones like Kangkang a future full of hope and opportunity.

To learn more about Season of Love, please visit

Happy Thanksgiving!

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