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Moving Out & Moving On!

You may know the feeling of excitement that comes with moving from one home to another. It may be the change of scenery or the opportunity for a fresh start, but whatever it is, there's usually something to look forward to. I feel the same about our upcoming move to Choi Wan Estate. I believe my colleagues feel the same way. We are all preparing for the change and the opportunity to reach out to the new community and make connections with local organisations, churches, and government officials of the Wong Tai Sin district.

Last October, our Training Services Division organised a large-scale job fair at Wong Tai Sin Plaza. There were 2,000 job offerings represented by the 40 companies and brands in attendance, along with Christian Action booths and seminars. We wanted to let people know about our courses that would help those who wanted additional training to enter or re-enter the workforce. There was an incredible turnout! We saw around 1,000 people that day!

Aside from the job fair, I also had an impactful encounter with 200 residents of Choi Wan Estate last September. We held a community event at the Choi Wan Estate Community Hall. It was co-organised with various district representatives, including Wong Tai Sin Branch of the DAB, the Office of Hon. Or Chong Shing, and the District Council Offices of Mr. Choy Tsz Kin and Ms. Tam Mei Po.

The guests really enjoyed interacting with the game booths and workshops, all of which explained what makes Christian Action's services and programmes special. I remember a child who had won prizes, saying, "I didn't know you provided so many services! I'm glad that you're coming to Choi Wan."

Leaving New Horizons Building is truly difficult, as it has been our home for the past 30 years. At the same time, it excites me to know that our neighbours in Choi Wan will be welcoming us with open hearts. Together, we will create new and meaningful memories. I cannot wait to see how God will guide us as we share His blessings, and continue our mission to serve the unserved.

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