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CA Blessing Story Series: The Wonderful World of Maddie

Christian Action has always hoped and dreamt that the disabled and abandoned children of Qinghai would have a place they can finally call home. This hope has been the driving force that led us to care for over 1,400 children for over 20 years. Our ministry has blessed us as much as we have been a blessing to the children in our care.

To cap off our blessing stories series, I am sharing with you the story of Maddie, a sweet little girl you may remember as I have previously said that she was learning ballet.

Maddie is always cheerful, so most people wouldn't realise that she was once an orphan living in Xining Children's Home, which is co-managed by Christian Action and the Xining government. The big change came for Maddie at the age of two when she met her warm and loving adoptive parents, Shannon and John.

Maddie was born with Albinism, a condition that impairs her eyesight, but it didn't take her long to adjust to her new environment in the US. Shannon believes that Maddie's smooth adjustment had everything to do with how Christian Action helped her understand and accept her adoptive parents. Shannon said, "Christian Action provided complete information about Maddie as well as baby photos of her. This was invaluable to us."

Maddie has now been living in the United States for eight years. Apart from overcoming obstacles to her sight, she has to take extreme precautions about exposure to the sun: a hat, glasses, and sunscreen are a must! As she grew up, Maddie began noticing differences between her and other kids, and at times, this discouraged her. But she has learned to stand strong, and tells people when their comments are rude or hurtful. Shannon proudly says that Maddie is her own best defender.

Three years ago, Maddie got a new sister when John and Shannon adopted another Chinese girl with albinism. Together with their eldest son, they've grown into a happy family of five. Maddie's dream is to become an author of children's books, creating stories and drawing vibrant pictures.

I'm so thankful that God gave me that dream of the baby girl all those years ago, and then gave our team the faith and determination we needed to fight for the wellbeing of these precious children.

Maddie's story is a wonderful example of the happy outcome when we serve the unserved. Let us continue being a blessing to everyone, especially to those who are in need.

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