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The Promise of New Life

The coming Easter holiday reminds Christians everywhere of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of new life for all who believe in him. His sacrificial death has been the driving force behind our mission in Qinghai as we have helped find forever families for the children in Xining Children's Home.

Grace Di Croces lives with her
adopted parents Tony and Aimee.
I met them in my 2018 trip
around LA

Today, I am introducing you to one of those children, He Jun Jie, whose name is now Reid. He lives with the Naser family in Wisconsin, USA. A few months ago, his parents took him on a trip to Qinghai for his tenth birthday. It was a touching and powerful experience for everyone involved as he met the very people who took care of him during the first few months of his life.

I want to share with you the letter that Lisa wrote to me about Reid.

He Jun Jie was born in November 2006 with a rather large unilateral cleft lip and palate and brought to Xining Children's Home. He spent the first 14 months of his life loved by his foster Mom, Dad, and brother. In January of 2007, he became Reid and a part of our family from Wisconsin, USA. Before Reid left for Wisconsin, we were able to meet his foster family. His foster Mom brought a gift of his favourite yogurt and snacks to the meeting.

Reid had an enlightening trip
to Qinghai

10 years later, Reid and our family were able to return to China. Christian Action was instrumental in showing us what Reid's China life had looked like. We met the orphanage director who gave us a tour of the orphanage, arranged a meeting with Reid's foster family, and took us to his finding place.

As I write this, my heart is full. To know that my beautiful boy who is now a teen was so well cared for and loved is a gift and then to meet his foster family 10 years later is a miracle. To be standing in Reid's finding place and to hear what life was like in this area of China 10 years ago is incredible.

I read Siew Mei's blog regularly, especially about all the children CA cares for. I knew that when I adopted Reid, the care he had received was exceptional. To return and see that exceptional care continues speaks to the dedication Christian Action and Siew Mei has for the people of Xining and surrounding communities.

Xan Engelsman lives in the
Netherlands with Jurgen and Mathilde.
They will visit Xining later this

Thank you Siew Mei and Christian Action for loving my son, for providing and giving him a great start at life. Thank you for welcoming us back and for providing us an experience that reinforces Reid's Chinese heritage. There are not words big enough in the English language to describe the emotions associated with this trip nor the depth of gratitude we feel.

Jeramie, Lisa, Olivia, and Reid Naser

I'm so thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to touch the lives of these young children through CA. Hearing stories and testimonies from the families of our adoptees gives us fuel to power our continuing mission.

I pray that the resurrection of our Lord Jesus will remind us that love is important. May we all continue sharing His love and blessings to everyone, especially those in need.

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