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Greening Lives to Empower Those in Need

It has been our mission at Christian Action to constantly innovate and explore ways to better serve all those who are in need. Now that World Environment Day is right around the corner, I am reminded of our efforts for a better environment. At the same time, we must also double our efforts to help those around us who are in need. I am reminded of the vision my Christian friend had of me. In her vision, I was standing in a warehouse full of boxes. That was the confirmation I needed that the clothes we don’t use anymore can help others in the community.

With the Green Collection Programme, we launched the Social Enterprise initiative in 2003. The programme invites the public to donate second-hand items for the benefit of the community. To date, we have received over 5,800 tons of donated clothes. Our services have expanded since then to a floral business and to upcycling workshops.

In March this year, our Social Enterprise Division opened up a home for the upcycling workshops. Upcycling allows us to creatively repurpose old or used items by creating new items, such as transforming unwanted t-shirts into chic tote bags. The workshops are now located at Green Connect in Kwun Tong, where our participants can flex their creative minds in making products that can be sold at our Community Sales Outlets.

We hope that Green Connect will allow us to further reach out to more communities in educating them about the beauty of upcycling. This provides wonderful opportunities for people to learn a new skill, and empower them with a renewed sense of purpose.

May the occasion inspire you to think of innovative ways to help those in need and at the same time be environmentally friendly. Every little action counts. I also encourage you to consider donating some of your pre-loved clothes or electrical appliances, or visit one of our Community Sales Outlets.

For more information, click here to learn more about our Social Enterprise Division.

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