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Giving Love to Every Home

Giving is a powerful action, especially when it comes from children. I am always encouraged when I see the younger generation joining our mission of giving love and hope to those who are in need.

Some of my colleagues recently went to 16 schools to share our message with their students. We spoke about our children in Qinghai, the difficulties they face, and the value of giving as a way of showing love. Then we challenged the students to design and build a paper house to represent their own blessing and send well wishes to the kids in Qinghai.

The students created such beautiful houses! So we organised the Love for Every Home Exhibition to feature these masterpieces and at the same time let people know more about our advocacy. We held the exhibition at Domain Mall in Yau Tong with a very meaningful and energetic ceremony. The students of Box Hill International Kindergarten opened the event with a captivating performance that made everyone clap and dance, including me! I said a few words afterwards to welcome everyone and shared my excitement and gratitude to the 5,000 students and teachers for their wholehearted participation. I introduced our work in CA and encouraged everyone to join our cause.

TVB Actress Heidi Chu and her family joined us for the event with their very own paper house! It was heartwarming to see how Heidi wants to expose her daughter to activities such as this so that she will grow into a loving person. Our partners from I-Square Education Center also joined us for the event and said how blest they are to be participating in our mission.

When the exhibition finally opened to the public, I felt very proud at how everyone loved the houses created by the students. We also featured the works of seven popular illustrators and their beautifully designed postcards based on the stories of some of our children in Qinghai. Apart from the exhibition, everyone had a fun time at the Qinghai Experiential Workshop, which educated participants about the challenges faced by our children with special needs.

Praise God for the success of our event. I firmly believe that we were able to plant a seed of goodness in the hearts of all the students and teachers. At the same time, I pray for more success in the upcoming dates of the exhibition. May it continue to inspire more people, especially children, about the power of sharing love.

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