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Standing with Refugees

June 20th is a very special day as we commemorate World Refugee Day. I join my colleagues from the Centre of Refugees (CFR) in honouring the strength, courage, and perseverance of refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. Their stories of braving the odds in search of a better life have been a source of inspiration to people across the globe, especially to us at Christian Action.

This year, we didn't celebrate for one day - the entire month of June became World Refugee Month! We held a series of events aimed at raising more community awareness and be a meaningful response towards our refugee friends. Our activities included a movie about the life of refugees; a Bollywood dance workshop, a basketball tournament; and a stand-up comedy event, where one of our service users made his debut as a comedian!

To cap off the month-long celebrations, we hosted an event at St. Andrew's Church with our friends from various organisations, schools, companies, and churches. I explained the meaning of our theme, and said how honoured and thankful I am to be in the same room with people who have heeded our call to "stand with refugees." I also reminded listeners how refugee issues have now become a global crisis and concern citizens worldwide. By sharing their own experiences of working with refugees, the speeches of Isabella Ng from Hong Kong Society for Asylum-Seekers and Refugees, Philip Thorpe from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and Farah Dang echoed my own sentiments.

The night was then full of merriment and jovial music by our refugee friends and their various performances. Everyone actively participated in each item! We were also blest by the music of various choirs and churches. One of them greatly inspired us all as she wrote and performed a song based on the experiences of refugees. Throughout the event, I felt everyone was enjoying the various displays of talent by the performers. It was so affirming to sense love and joy filling the atmosphere.

What a month it has been! I am deeply grateful for the great effort our colleagues from the Centre for Refugees have put into spreading our message. I urge you to pray for more blessings for refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong and around the world. May we all continue to "stand with refugees."

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