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The Front Liners

Some of Christian Action's unsung heroes are our front line workers. They are the people who directly engage with the service users. They are the faces of God's love to those in need, as they make an impact in the lives of others. With International Humanitarian Day around the corner, I would like to introduce you to two of my colleagues – Kelly and Gigi. They have not only encouraged me but have also inspired our colleagues, and most importantly, the service users.

Kelly was an intern back in her law school days when she first joined our Centre for Migrant Domestic Workers. After graduating, and at the urging of her supervisor who has inspired and taught her about the migrant domestic workers, Kelly decided to work full-time with us. At first, she found her job overwhelming because of the different cultures and personalities of the clients and external parties. One of her unforgettable memories was the first time she went to the Labour department for her client. Kelly met the client's employer who spoke to her rudely while explaining the amendments made on the claim form. This experience taught Kelly that she needed to stand firm as she aided the domestic workers. She now aims to change people's perception of domestic helpers so that we have a more just society.

She said, "I realised that I cannot assume they will be nice to me! I have to stand firm when I meet them. I have to convince myself to be tough so that I can be tough for those we are helping."

Gigi left the comforts of her own home in the Philippines 14 years ago to work in a HK-based NGO for migrant workers' training in human rights. When her contract ended, she was ready to pack her bags and fly back, but God had different plans or her. He led her to Christian Action.

Gigi began as a community organiser for the ethnic minorities at our SHINE Centre in Tuen Mun and Jordan. Like Kelly, she found it challenging to work in a multicultural environment. But being an ethnic minority herself helped Gigi. She has been able to invite fellow Filipino HK residents, and people from other ethnic backgrounds living in the area and in the New Territories, to join the centre's programmes such as language courses and empowerment education.

Some of her most memorable moments are shared with Pakistani women working with her. Her experiences have helped her fulfil her innermost desire of giving love to those in need. She will continue serving the EM community as long as she is needed.

"Even though some of them can't speak simple English, our smiles do the communication. It shows that we are happy to be working with each other. Words are not needed to show love!"

Kelly's and Gigi's stories are just two of the many wonderful stories of the colleagues who have selflessly given their time to serve others. May their testaments inspire and move you to be a server! It is my prayer that we continue to promote justice, spread happiness and love to all those in need around us.

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