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Flowers for Mid-Autumn Festival

Our florists have been busy making these lovely hampers for the Mid-Autumn Festival

I have always enjoyed the Mid-Autumn Festival because it is a time of reuniting with our own families in thanksgiving.  It is a time to remember the good things that have happened during the year, and it is a time to pray for further blessing. There are many ways to celebrate the occasion, such as the long-standing tradition of not only sharing moon-cakes but also accompanying children in making and playing with lanterns of various designs. 

It is also a perfect opportunity to give back to the community. This will be our second consecutive year of sharing the joy of the festival through the various floral arrangements made at the olive leaf*. We have also conducted several floral workshops with different corporate clients. Our florists showed corporate employees how to unwind from their high-pressure work and enjoy the therapeutic process of flower arranging.

This year, for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the olive leaf is selling limited-edition hampers of silk flowers. These flowers are more environmentally friendly than fresh flowers, because they can continue to be used after the Festival.  Pairing colourful silk flowers with traditional moon-cakes make a hamper that is sure to bless your loved ones. Some hampers even include a candle-holder for after-dark use. You can even have a custom-made hamper suited to your needs!

Our corporate workshop participants had a great time in the workshops

I encourage you to consider supporting our floral shop. This is yet another of our initiatives that helps those that we serve. Aside from sharing joy with your families, you will also help our social enterprise spread happiness with more people in need. 

In the spirit of the occasion, I pray for more peace and love for you and your families. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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