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The Fitness Coach

Christian Action has been in the business of bettering the lives of others, especially those we serve in Qinghai. One of the many ways we help those in China is through the Education Grant Programme launched in 2008. The programme helps students break the poverty cycle, by providing financial aid, so that they may continue their studies and receive a quality education.

Recently, Dr. Yue and Mrs. Drina Yue, Board members of Christian Action and Christian Action Asia respectively, went back to Qinghai. They visited several graduates of the programme to see how they are doing. I would like to share with you the wonderful story of one the graduates they've met on that trip. He is Nan Jie, an extrovert Tibetan boy. He was one of the Grant recipients and was able to study in a different province.

Nan Jie was born to a poor family in a remote village in Tongren county. He and his six siblings depended on his father's meager income to meet their daily needs. This ignited Nan Jie's desire to finish his studies so that he could help provide for his family, especially his siblings. He was a hardworking student throughout his primary and secondary education. His determination paid off when he was admitted into a business school in Xi'an, Shaanxi. He majored in Administration & Management. However, it cost a great deal of money to attend this school and he could not afford it. With the help of the Grant and the support of his parents, friends and loved ones, Nan Jie was able to attend and finish his university studies and gain flying colours!

He said, "Christian Action not only helped me financially, it gave me all the mental motivation to barrel through my studies."

During his time at school, he had deep love of sports, especially bodybuilding. He was talented and won some trophies while in the school's track team. He later learnt about having a career in sports. His friends encouraged him to consider it. Nan Jie eventually applied to be a body building trainer at the local fitness centre, and was accepted, so he worked hard to get the proper certification while in university. He is now the centre's "model trainer." His dream is to have his own fitness centre in Tongren, his hometown.

Nan Jie's story only scratches the surface of how the Education Grant Programme has changed lives. As of 2018, we have given Grants to over 1,800 students.

I'd like to thank the Yues and their friends for faithfully supporting the programme. They have played a vital role in ensuring the success of the recipients. I am also deeply thankful to the Lord for His amazing blessing and guidance of our students. May all their dreams and aspirations be fulfilled!

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