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Reaching Out to Students

Children hold a special place in my heart. Whenever I see our children helping those in need, it encourages me to continue fighting for our own advocacy. Our colleagues are inspired when they see children lead in helping others. One of the students said loudly, "I want to buy a house for the poor!"

As I’ve shared with you previously, since the launch last year of our Red Packet Campaign, we’ve been kept busy with new efforts to reach out to students. Our team has visited many schools, giving talks and holding experiential workshops to help students understand the needs that disadvantaged children face. I was glad to see students participate in our paper house exhibition. Their designs symbolising their blessing for those in need will be displayed publicly. I’m overjoyed that over 5,000 students and teachers from 16 schools have expressed their support of the campaign. One student’s insight was particularly encouraging:

After the activities, I felt that the wealth gap problem in Hong Kong is a very unfair situation. In a prosperous city, there are many people living in poverty. This made me realise that I am actually living a happy and blissful life, so we have to do our part to show concern and help the needy.

In order to make the learning process more fun and interesting for students, in September we will launch our first ever children’s storybook. The title is, `When William Meets Dou Ge.’ Based on the true story of one of our children in Qinghai, it tells the story of a little boy named William (fictitious character) who, after being in an accident, hears from his doctor that a Qinghai girl named Dou Ge (real case) was in need of immediate surgery. William then realised the importance of helping others - and the power of giving.

I would urge you to purchase our new storybook to share with the younger ones who you may know. I pray that more students would be willing to share what they have with those in need. As a new school year starts, may our dear students become good examples of love and compassion. God bless you!

If you'd like to know more or order our storybook, contact us at 2716-8719 / 2716-8864 or email at

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