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Fireman responds immediately in emergency!

Left to right: Fireman Hong in training, Ji in hospital and Mark MacAlpine.

I'm sure you all remember marathon runner, Mark MacAlpine, who took up the challenge to raise money for Ji, one of our children in Xining Children's Home.

This year, 2013, was to be the sixth year that Mark undertook this gruelling challenge. He aimed to raise a record HK$150 000 for Ji.But last Sunday we received the shocking news that Mark had been rushed into hospital for emergency surgery.

He was diagnosed early Sunday morning with a tumour that could burst at any moment, resulting in dire consequences.

While we as a church body (and Mark and Elinor’s extended family) were still trying to absorb the shocking news, Mark and Elinor were facing their second dilemma of the day as they tried to figure out what would become of Mark’s planned run for Ji.

And then a fireman stepped in and rescued the whole situation!  Hong, a member of our congregation together with his wife, Denise, offered Hong as a substitute runner! Mark's wife, Elinor, took the entire emergency situation in her stride, remarking afterwards, "Mark never even had time to panic!"

As a fireman, Hong has to keep strong and fit at all times to be in the best shape possible.  He’s certainly not shy when it comes to lending a helping hand!  Another coincidence, which I prefer to call ‘divine providence’,  is that Hong was not on duty that Sunday, so he was in church hearing the news about Mark’s surgery.   Another remarkable fact is that Hong has been particularly focused on cross country training lately, so the Mt. Butler race will be manageable for him – that is, as manageable as a marathon race can be!

Mark, who is as cheerful as ever, said after the emergency surgery: "I feel as though a donkey has kicked me in the gut."

I would like to appeal to all Christian Action supporters to pray for Mark's recovery, and for Hong as he runs on Sunday, March 24th. Any further help reaching Mark’s fundraising target would also be deeply appreciated! Remember Hong is running for Ji!  And Mark will be with him in spirit!

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