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Visiting A Bank!

For the majority of us, a trip to the bank or supermarket is far from being a special event! But for children living in the seclusion of our Children's Homes in Qinghai, it's unknown territory. Introducing them to the world outside the Home is essential if they are to be productive members of their society.

Seven of our Bridge Programme youth, aged 26-27, had one such outing when they visited a bank and a supermarket. A caregiver from the Social Welfare Institute and four Christian Action staff members accompanied them. Abigail and Bingjie who are 'Back to Serve' also joined the party.

The day began with a tour of the Agricultural Bank of China in the Cheng Nan District. The young people were taught how banking works, with an emphasis on developing the habit of saving money.

After that the group headed over to a local supermarket, the largest one in Cheng Nan District. The young people were given an opportunity to buy what they wanted with money they had previously saved before. It gave them the opportunity to see the benefit of saving. Many of them bought things such as noodles, cookies and yogurt. Spending money on things they needed or wanted was part of the lesson about saving.

Abigail and Bingjie, who had once been served in the Children's Home, were thrilled to be a part of this outing! Please pray with us that all these young people will learn and grow through these outings, and have hope for the future when they are a part of society beyond the Children's Home.

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