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Happy Campers

Children in some countries are often sent off to summer camps by their parents, but in Kowloon East families rarely get time to just relax together and have fun. We changed that situation a few weeks ago.

Financial and relational burdens prevent families from spending quality time together, so Christian Action addresses this situation by providing events and opportunities for these families to gather in community, spend time relaxing with each other, and learning ways to build relationships and improve their lives.

We recently partnered with Kowloon East district Councillors to hold an event we optimistically named 'Happy Summer Day Camp'. A total of 67 local families from the East Kowloon District (63 adults and 62 children) gathered for a day of fun, adventure, and family bonding. The day was every bit as happy as we could have hoped! It was a privilege for me to share a word with the families at the beginning of the day, and from then on there were multiple activities for all ages.

The little ones (3-5 years old) went to our 'Kid's Fun Kingdom', where they heard stories, played with toys and made crafts. There was even a cartoon show. The older kids participated in a series of adventure games designed to build important skills such as problem solving, team work, and critical thinking.

The parents shared in a series of workshops: DIY Cookies, Acupressure, and a Patient Parents talk. Each workshop met a need, whether it was inspiring creativity, providing relief from their pressures, or encouraging them to become the parents they hope to be. There were also bonding activities with the children followed by a cookie eating celebration.

Every time we host an event like this at New Horizons Building, I am reminded just how precious this place has been and continues to be for our community. We have served countless families, and I pray we may continue to do so for years to come.

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