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Achieving Together

Learning how to work together to achieve the best results is a lesson we may have all learned in the course of our lives. Encouraging young people to achieve together is one of the many contributions Christian Action makes to our society. Our Child Development Fund helps disadvantaged youth learn the necessary skills they will need to succeed in life and not be a burden on society.

Recently we hosted a three-day Training Camp for five young people. The aim was to develop their problem-solving skills and foster community relations between them.

A little over a month ago, I shared with you the impact of our Child Development Fund, a programme that equips young people to live to their fullest potential. This program has been around since 2008 to help disadvantaged youth develop the necessary skills they need to succeed in life.

Each activity challenged the participants to think critically and come up with good solutions to whatever problems they face. None of these activities could be completed by a single person. The camp included a community walk, a team cooking competition, cycling to a farm, and paper roller coaster building.

Eva, who has been part of the programme for two years, told us how the camp impacted her:

"What I learned from the camp was to be brave and willing to try something new. Often the reason we could not finish something was because we did not have the confidence to try new things. Honestly, I realized that if we are brave enough to try, we will experience a breakthrough.

I also learned to be independent. I usually cook dishes at home, but I seldom cook for my family. In the camp, I cooked more than at home. I felt happy for receiving encouragement here."

Eva and other mentees were between 10 and 16 years old when they signed up to be mentored. They will have the privilege of learning from wise, empowering mentors for years to come. Our society is counting on the next generation for its leaders, innovators and community builders, and Christian Action is so proud to be a big part of that process.

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